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    I work with fab foodie start-ups who want to do their own PR in 10 mins a day for only £49pm!


Hey, welcome to
Smoothie PR!

Yep, I know – PR done in 10 mins a day for only £49pm sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, I was so fed up with traditional, expensive PR agencies being the only option for small food and drink businesses that I created The Smoothie Bar. I’m on the side of every start-up because I care about helping you to get your brand out there – together, we’ll give the big boys a run for their money!


Happily, lots of fabulous foodies like you love my ethos and have already joined The Smoothie Bar where they are rocking their own PR in 10 mins a day for only £49pm. You can check out their brilliant success on my Wall of Fame.


You won’t find any fancy jargon here, just loads of great PR and food industry advice on The buzz from experts you probably know well.

If you’re wondering what makes this northerner tick then find out why I started Smoothie PR and fire over any questions – I’m always up for a call, Skype or meet up in an actual smoothie bar!

The vibe at Smoothie PR is relaxed, friendly and the only dress code is a pair of Converse!

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