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Do you:

* Want to be the first brand people think of when they fancy their favourite sweet or savoury food?
* Want to get your products featured in magazines and on websites all over the UK?
* Think PR seems too complicated, time-consuming and expensive?

If you said ‘yes’ to all three then you’re in the right place! I’ve turned PR on its head and made it quick, easy and accessible to every small business. Welcome to the world of responsive PR.

What the heck is responsive PR?

Traditional PR is an endless cycle of writing constant press releases, reaching out to journalists and hoping/begging/hounding them to be interested in what you have to say. They get hundreds of these every day and most of the time, they couldn’t care less. (Harsh but true I’m afraid.)

Responsive PR is different. Local and national journalists have already been commissioned to write these articles and they’re looking for businesses like yours. They’re ready to write about food businesses, SMEs and human interest stories and are actively looking for people like you. Imagine how much easier it is for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to be featured as a quote or case study when you already fit into exactly what they’re looking for? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many of these requests you fit into every week.

How can I help your brand shine with PR?

My packages offer you a simple way to gain an understanding of PR while building your confidence in approaching journalists as I serve up hundreds of live journo requests straight to you.

You’ll start to pop up in lots of different places in front of plenty of potential customers and find your way to becoming that much-loved brand that everyone knows about.

You too can be featured in: