A Forward Features List is Your New PR BFF

Forward features list

If you want to get your fabulous food business into trade and consumer magazines, then here’s a PR secret to help you plan ahead – go and grab their forward features list!

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How to get Started with Content Marketing

Content Marketing
[Guest Post] Hey! I’m Ashanti, a Digital Foodbiz Strategist who helps foodpreneurs create digital content that turns readers and viewers into paying customers. Read on for my top 3 tips to make content marketing work for your small food and drink business.
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How to Become a Go-To Expert in the Foodie Field

Go-to expert

How would you feel if every time there was an emerging food trend, change in the law, or something new happening in the food industry, journalists CAME TO YOU for a quote because you’re the go-to expert?

You’d be pretty happy, right? So how do you become this amazing go-to expert for anything fabulously foodie? It’s all about raising your profile in the right places with the right people, so get your teeth stuck into these suggestions to get you started…  Read more

3 Top Tips For Making Food Videos

Food Videos
[Guest Post] Hi, my name’s Mark Fountain, and I’m the founder of Fountainfotos. I started out as a professional photographer 10 years ago, but have focused more on films and videos over the last three years. Here are my 3 top tips to help absolute beginners start making their own food videos. Read more

Press Releases – A Beginner’s Guide For Fabulous Foodies

Press releases

Start-up foodies tell me that press releases are something that they find tricky, and that’s often because they don’t totally understand their purpose or format. If you’re thinking, “Yep, that’s me too!” then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a quick Q&A session just between the two of us to get you up to speed. Read more

Tips to Get Your Food & Drink Brand into the Travel Sector

Travel Sector
[Guest Post] Hi, I’m Heerum Fleary, Director of TickEat which specialises in bringing exciting new food and drink products to airlines, trains, ferries and hotels. This post has my top 3 tips for pitching your food and drink brand into the travel sector. Read more

3 Tips for Writing a Winning Marketing Plan for your Food Business

marketing plan
[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Lesley Bambridge, and I’m the founder of We Mean Business London, a specialist Marketing Consultancy that helps entrepreneurs to create a winning marketing plan for their business.

Here are my top 3 tips for all of you wonderful start-up and small food and drink businesses out there. Read more

11 PR Tips for Small Business Foodies

PR Tips

No matter which month we’re in right now, if you haven’t planned any PR for your fabulous food and drink business yet, here are 11 PR tips to help you hit the ground running! Read more

Social Media Tips for Food and Drink Start-Ups

Social Media
[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Alison Battisby and I’m a Social Media Consultant and founder of Avocado Social. I have worked in the social media marketing industry since 2008 with brands including Nokia, Tesco and Pringles, as well as a range of UK start-ups and growing enterprises. Here are my top 3 social media strategies for growing your small food and drink business online. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Exporting Your Food and Drink Brand

Exporting your food and drink brand
[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Victoria Bolst and I specialise in exporting food and drink brands around the world. I am super excited to share my ‘Big Cheese Expertise’ with you lovely food and drink entrepreneurs this week, so here are my top 3 tips for your small business if you’re thinking of exporting your food and drink brand overseas.  Read more