Social Media Tips for Food and Drink Start-Ups

Social Media
[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Alison Battisby and I’m a Social Media Consultant and founder of Avocado Social. I have worked in the social media marketing industry since 2008 with brands including Nokia, Tesco and Pringles, as well as a range of UK start-ups and growing enterprises. Here are my top 3 social media strategies for growing your small food and drink business online. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Exporting Your Food and Drink Brand

Exporting your food and drink brand
[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Victoria Bolst and I specialise in exporting food and drink brands around the world. I am super excited to share my ‘Big Cheese Expertise’ with you lovely food and drink entrepreneurs this week, so here are my top 3 tips for your small business if you’re thinking of exporting your food and drink brand overseas.  Read more

Phone Food and Drink Photography Tips for Start-Ups

food and drink photography
[Guest Post] Hi, I’m Tom Waller, founder of Food Envy and a specialist in food and drink photography. Food Envy Photography is a dedicated food and drink photography studio working with clients across the food industry spectrum, from the small independent/artisan manufacturers and restaurants, to large food and wine distributors and celebrated chefs.

Here are my 3 top tips to help you improve your food and drink photography when using a phone.  Read more

2019 PR Planner for Fabulous Foodies!

Free 2019 PR Planner from Smoothie PR

“I wish I had something to help me do my PR planning quickly and easily.”

I hear this from most of the fabulous foodies I meet and so far, the wish fairy hasn’t come up with the goods… So, I’ve worked really hard to create a FREE food and drink PR planner that will help you hit the ground running in 2019! Read more

Growing Your Small Food and Drink Business


[Guest Post] Hi, I’m Claire Brumby, aka ‘The Food Guide’, I’m a mentor, consultant and speaker who can help you to launch and grow your food and drink business. The Food Guide was born through my own experience and passion for helping food and drink entrepreneurs thrive, so here are my top 3 tips, no matter what stage you’re at in your journey;
Read more

How to Find the Best Food Bloggers to Work With


[Guest Post] Hello! I’m Sam Hadadi, a freelance health, food and fitness journalist and recipe creator and photographer. I know many food and drink brands are looking to work with bloggers, so here are my 3 top tips to get the right influencers on board! Read more

How to Get Your Food and Drink Product into Retailers


[Guest Post] Hello, my name is Jane Arthern and I run FMCGenie. Having ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ many times over in FMCG (industry jargon for fast-moving consumer goods, products that are sold quickly and at relatively low-cost – usually food and drink!), here are my 3 top tips for getting your food and drink products into large and small retailers. Read more

Branding for Startisan Food Businesses

[Guest Post] Hi, I’m Simon Greenwood-Haigh, and my business, Northern Munkee Bites, is a commercial and culinary food consultancy, which specialises in startisan businesses at various stages of development. I’m here to share 3 top tips to help you with your food business branding and also have a special offer for every reader. Read more

Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live

If you love to learn about the latest trends going on in the food industry, then Food Matters Live is the place to be every November. The only question you need to think about is whether you want to be a visitor or an exhibitor… Read more

Bread & Butter Fest 2016

bread & butter fest

There’s an exciting new kid on the block this year in the shape of Bread & Butter Fest – the first ever festival for food founders. So was it worth investing your hard-earned cash to visit this two-day conference and boot camp for start-up and small business foodies? Give me five minutes and I’ll share everything! Read more