The Smoothie Bar teaches fab foodie start-ups how to do their own responsive PR in 10 mins a day for only £59pm

The Smoothie Bar 10-Day Free Trial

(You only get to do this free thing once, so make sure you’ve got 10 mins a day ready as well as a Twitter and FB account!)

Join us in The Smoothie Bar and learn how to do your own responsive PR in only 10 minutes a day. This is THE quick and easy way for every food and drink start-up to get their brilliant brand into big names like The Independent, Speciality Food, Metro, Huff Post, BBC Good Food, Forbes, Telegraph and many more.

We only take your card details at this stage so that if you decide to pick one of the Smoothie Bar packages on offer after the trial ends, we can turn you into an instant Smoothie. No first payment is ever taken without your say so.

Click below to set up your card details and join the free trial.

What happens once I’ve pushed the button?

1. Enter your card details, sign up for emails during the trial and do the GDPR thing. 

2. You’ll get an invite link to The Smoothie Bar Facebook group and receive your welcome email.

3. Check into the group for 10 minutes a day and get your PR party started!