Free 2019 PR Planner from Smoothie PR

“I wish I had something to help me do my PR planning quickly and easily.”

I hear this from most of the fabulous foodies I meet and so far, the wish fairy hasn’t come up with the goods… So, I’ve worked really hard to create a FREE food and drink PR planner that will help you hit the ground running in 2019!

Right, where on earth do I start?

How about with the freebie? (I know that’s what you really want to hear about 😉 ) The best part about PR planning for the year is your actual planner – whether you love the old-fashioned paper and pen approach or are an absolute whizz on Excel, create your plan in the format you find the easiest. (Wise words from someone who’s almost thrown her Mac out of the window trying to tackle evil Excel!)

I personally keep a paper planner, but whatever your preference, I’d also suggest having a big year planner on your office wall so you can see everything at a glance. And coincidently, if you sign up for my emails below, I’ll send you my FREE 2019 PR Planner for Fabulous Foodies as a thank you to print out and stick on your wall.

Ooo, I love a freebie, can you tell me what’s so special about your PR planning calendar, please?

Well, I’m glad you’ve asked! I’ve already started the 2019 PR planning process for you by covering all of the basics – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc. – but then I’ve given it a boost by including 100+ other extra useful food days and events throughout the year. Almost every day is a celebration of something foodie, so knowing what’s coming in advance means you can be well prepared.

Sounds great, but why haven’t you added EVERY food day and event in there?

Hehe, well actually I have!

That was my subtle way of saying that this free version is very helpful in getting you started BUT there’s an even better one that is choc full of 600+ food events and special days. Seriously, it took my designer and I almost three weeks to collate, cross-check and create a document with all of the dates for this massive 2019 PR planning calendar. It’s totally worth it though as I’ve give it away for free to my Blueberry Blitz and Top Banana members in The Smoothie Bar and, I’m using it to plan my own PR for the whole year.

As another bonus, you can use this all-singing, all-dancing PR planner for your:

  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing events and promotions
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Videos
  • Podcast episodes

Hmm, I’m totally tempted to join, what do I get out of being a member of The Smoothie Bar?

You’ll get stacks of brilliant stuff like:

  • PR advice, tips and tricks from yours truly to help your brand get noticed
  • Requests from national and local journos eager to write about small businesses
  • A whole host of useful media contacts you can use to create your own database
  • Daily articles to help every area of your business grow
  • Q&As with food industry experts and discounted services
  • Constant support from our fabulously friendly community
  • No minimum sign up – stay for a month, a year or forever – and your monthly fee will stay the same from when you join, even when prices go up!

Being a member of The Smoothie Bar is the easiest way to learn DIY PR skills and then, put them straight into action by chatting to the journos looking for small businesses like yours.

Can I try it out for free?

Yep – just come and sign up for the 10-day free trial.

Right, I’m going to download the freebie and get excited about planning PR for my business in 2019

Fab – that’s exactly how I wanted you to feel! I know that either this free planner with 100+ dates or, the special Smoothie Bar version with 600+ dates will get you on the right track, just sign up for my emails below if you’d like my free planner to get you started…

Use your PR planner for food and drink domination in 2019!

Give your food or drink business the best gift ever this year by dedicating time towards your 2019 PR planning. Successful PR happens when you pop up in lots of different places throughout the year, rather than just aiming to make one big splash. I’ve got even more planning tips for you when you’re ready, just pop over and read 11 PR Tips for Small Business Foodies.

I really hope my planner helps you to create your most successful DIY PR yet!

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