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[Guest Post] Hi, my name is Aaron Inglethorpe and I’m the marketing manager at Discount Displays. We work with customers of all sizes to help them communicate their brand to their target audience, using a wide range of products, so here are our top tips on how to find and share your own brand’s personality.

Differentiation can be a challenge…

At Discount Displays, we specialise in business display and merchandising, with a wide range of products available for use in exhibitions, signage, branding, customer loyalty schemes and more. But before you can invest in any of this, you need to unravel one of the biggest challenges small brands face – how to differentiate yourselves from the competition. You know that you want to be seen and gain people’s attention, but you want to do it in the right way. You want to be true to your brand whilst being unique, attractive and able to communicate a compelling message.

With the growth of online shopping, many retailers are seeing a change in consumer behaviour and that doesn’t always mean positive things for their business.

But at the same time, some research suggests that consumers prefer to shop with independent retailers in 42% of cases, and it’s clear that by leveraging your independent status, small retailers can win the war either online or on the high street. These tips will help you to stand out from the crowd:

1. Know your brand’s personality

The first step to this differentiation is to know the personality that you want to portray in your brand. Essentially, you need to ask what kind of person your brand would be – how would they dress, formal or casual? How would they speak – are they jargon-led or more informal? Would they be a friend or a critic and how would they want to be perceived?

Also, think about the topics that would be of relevance to your brand outside of your products or services such as:

  • Is your brand tied to any environmental concerns?
  • Are you investing heavily in your people to get them invested in your ethos?
  • Do you want to be a known brand leader in a specific location or trend?

You can even go as far as to develop a brand persona – a fictional person to represent your brand, complete with a clear tone of voice and mission statement to guide the way you present that brand in future.

2. Review your customer touchpoints

Now that you know the personality you want to portray, you can review every customer touchpoint to see how well you present your brand personality at every step.

That means reviewing your online presence; does the language you use on your website communicate your personality in the right way, or is it missing the mark? How have your social media updates dovetailed with the personality you’re trying to put across?

Visually, both online and off, how well are you showing your personality through the design choices you make? A serious, corporate brand using a Comic Sans font, for example, is going to cause customer confusion, while a fun, young brand will want to avoid traditional colours and instead experiment with brights and interesting shapes.

3. Get creative!

Your brand personality needs to have, well, personality! Let your brand’s voice come through and think creatively about the best way to achieve that.

One trend that’s really taking hold in the retail sector at the moment is that of ‘chalkboarding’.  

Though the use of chalkboards in attracting passing trade isn’t necessarily new, the use of humourous or thought-provoking content is – and many businesses are getting a good number of social media shares as a result, too!

Check out these tips for chalkboarding, from retail and food industry experts, including top foodie Tessa Stuart:

Discount Display Chalkboard

And that’s it! These simple steps will help you to find and communicate your brand’s personality throughout your marketing.

Fancy giving chalkboarding a go in your business? Why not take a look at our budget chalkboard, available in small or large.

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