Karen Walker from Nowt Poncy

[Smoothie Success] Karen Walker, co-founder of The Nowt Poncy Food Company shares how a boring car ride turned into free PR on a national radio station with loads of new orders as a result!

Always be ready for any PR opportunity…

Responsive PR is a numbers game – the more journo requests you reply to, the better your chances are of getting picked.

When a journo picks you, it can often be for a mix of reasons – you sound like you’re a good fit based on your response, the timing was right and there’s often a stroke of luck mixed in too. Responsive PR means that you’re always ready to jump on the next PR opportunity and that’s exactly what my Smoothie Karen from The Nowt Poncy Food Company did.

She took a leap into the unknown and ended up with PR coverage on national radio, so I’ll let her take the story from here!

“It started out as a silly thing…

I was a bored passenger, stuck in traffic and listening to Sara Cox on Radio 2’s Drive Time for a bit of light relief. Every week, she has an ‘All Request Friday’ segment so I thought I’d see if I could get a song played on the radio.’

I called several times before finally getting through and the researcher asked me what I was doing that weekend, to which I replied, “Sleeping!”

I explained that Julian and I own a small business and that we’d had three very long work days during the week, so were shattered. (The joys of being self-employed!) She asked what the business was and I told her.

I really hadn’t phoned up thinking that I would be able to talk about the business as I know that the BBC don’t like advertising stuff, but when she asked me about it, I thought I may get a chance if they called me back.

They don’t actually say if they will call you back, and I suppose this is because they must get so many calls, but in my case, they did! By this time, I had arrived home and Julian went down into the kitchen to listen.

Jools Abel from Nowt Poncy gets PR thanks to the journo requests he sees in The Smoothie Bar
When I eventually spoke to host Sara Cox, she asked where I was from and I proudly told her we’re based in Rossendale, Lancashire.

We then moved on to what I was doing at the weekend and I thought, ‘Why not? Let’s go for it!’ and told her Julian and I would be sleeping because we’d had a manic week working together in our small business, just as I had done with the researcher. To my utter astonishment, she asked me what the business was!

Can you imagine how amazed I felt when I told her that we are The Nowt Poncy Food Company and she said that she had seen us on Twitter?!

NEVER underestimate the power of your social media posts, especially if you keep sending them out regularly, as you never know what your potential reach is until it comes back to you in a way like this!

We chatted for a little longer with her asking me what kind of products we made and me explaining that we have a range of healthy cooking sauces which are all low in sugar, fat and salt.

I said that more and more people these days are concerned with what they put into their bodies and this was obviously something that hit home with Sara, as she reiterated that so many products have a surprising amount of sugar in them when you look at the ingredients label.

Karen Walker from Nowt Poncy on national radio

It wasn’t until I came off the phone that the impact of what had just happened hit me.

Of course, I got the expected messages from family and friends saying, “You’re on the radio”, (like I didn’t know 😂), but our social media sites also went mad!

Likes and followers ensued and, on the advice of Charlotte, we responded to all of them immediately to carry on the conversations people were starting with us, while also proactively sharing the experience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for those who hadn’t heard.

We knew that this was a huge window of opportunity that had to be used NOW, so Julian had already thought ahead and started it all while I was still on the phone.

We knew that the best way to make it into a PR win for us and our customers was to run a special discount code on our sauces to celebrate.

Nowt Poncy Sauces on national radio

We came away from an hour and a half of madness on social media with over 50 new followers and 11 orders through our online shop!

We also had several new leads via emails asking us for more info as well as someone trying to sell us something. All of this was a result of a 2 1/2 minute conversation that came about purely because I was stuck in traffic and bored!

And of course, we sent a box of sauces to Sara Cox with a huge thank you and a secret hope that she might join some of our other famous followers on Twitter including chef Phil Vickery and actor John Thompson. Oh, and in case you’re curious, my drive time pick was one of my all-time favourites – ‘Fast Love’ by George Michael.

Why are we Smoothies?

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It gives us the confidence to reply to journalists or call up a radio station and the more we do it, the more confident we get about actually doing something that we’re still learning about.

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