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* Want to feature in places like Speciality Food magazine, Metro, Stylist, BBC Good Food, Daily Telegraph, Forbes and many more?
Want to do this by only writing tweets and emails in 10 mins a day? 

If you said ‘YES’ to all three then it’s time you tried out responsive PR in my 10-day free trial.

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What the heck is responsive PR?

Traditional PR is an endless cycle of writing constant (boring) press releases, reaching out to journalists and begging them to be interested in what you have to say. They get hundreds every day and most of the time, delete them before even opening. (Harsh but true I’m afraid.)

Responsive PR is different.

Local and national journalists that have already been commissioned to write stories and articles want to find businesses like yours. They are actively looking for products, people, small businesses and human interest stories that will help them to create a brilliant piece of coverage for a magazine, website, newspaper, radio or TV.

Imagine how much easier it is for YOU and YOUR BRAND to be featured as a quote or case study when you already fit into exactly what they’re looking for? You’ll be surprised at how many of these requests pop up every week!

You don’t need to sweat over writing press releases in The Smoothie Bar – if you can send a tweet and write an email then you can do your own PR.

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Join the 10-Day Free Trial in The Smoothie Bar

Responsive PR – it can sound complicated but it’s really easy to do – so come and try it out for free.

(You only get to do this once so that everyone can have a go, so make sure you’ve got 10 mins a day ready as well as a Twitter and Facebook account!)

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