Smoothie PR SBS Winner Badge

Winning #SBS and joining Theo Paphitis’ other #SBS winners with your brilliant brand is a great PR opportunity, so here are 10 PR tips to make the most out of winning this award.

Hooray, you’re now one of Theo Paphitis’ #SBS winners!

I’ve won it too as you can see here and it’s flipping brilliant!

Charlotte Moore #SBS winner

Finding out you’re a winner comes like a bolt out of the blue, adding an unexpected and exciting highlight to your week! I’m a massive fan of Theo because his #SBS competition brings great PR opportunities for us start-ups and small brands in lots of different ways.

Now that you’re also one of the lucky businesses showing off your #SBS badge, here are 10 ways to make the most of the PR it brings.

1. Put everything down and get social

Once you get tagged in that 8pm winners’ tweet on a Monday night, your Twitter notifications go wild with congratulations from lots of past winners and new followers. Put at least two hours aside to reply and engage with your brand new audience, thanking them and checking out their accounts.

Depending on your business, you’ve got a whole new stream of potential customers or clients who are both excited for you and want to find out more about what you do.

Take the time to have conversations and build rapport with this new community.

Everyone is super friendly and although it’s quite overwhelming, it feels wonderful to be part of the #SBS club.

Fun gifs or boomerangs can show people just how much you’re literally jumping up and down with excitement at the results. Creating your own gif is easier than you think if you use an app like Gifit. You can create an image of you and/or your product so that people can visually see the face behind the brand.

Follow @TheSBS_Crew@SBSWinnersHour and @SBSWinnersClub and use the official hashtags #SBS and #SBSWinner in your tweets for the chance to get more RTs from them now and in the future.

2. Update your bio and use your pinned tweet to share your success 

Most people will take a quick look at your bio and pinned tweet to find out more about you, so update them both with what you want them to know. The bio could now include #SBS Winner in the description (nice bit of social proof 😉) and your pinned tweet should contain your CTA for both the new crowd checking you out, as well as any other followers that organically come your way.

3. Rock up for #SBS Winners’ hour with a call to action (CTA)

You’ve survived the blitz of congratulations on Monday, so now add an hour into your diary from 8.30-9.30pm on Tuesday for the #SBS winners’ Twitter chat. It’s usually hosted by one of the previous winners and it gives you a chance to be highlighted again in front of a whole new crowd of people.

Use this opportunity to show off your goodies and have a call to action (CTA) in mind such as:

  • Getting people to sign up for your emails
  • Shouting about your 10-day free trial like I did
  • Sharing a discount code or special offer to celebrate the win

Just like on the previous night, stay around and be social with as many people as you can. You don’t know how many of them will become your next client or customer!

4. Get bloggy or vloggy with it

Knock up a blog post or short video depending on which one you feel most comfortable doing. Tell them about the experience of entering #SBS, share what you wrote in your tweet, and how things went wild once you found you’d won. People love to know what goes on behind the scenes of a business so make it fun to read or watch.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to make it naturally engaging if you let your own personality shine through your writing or video as people should be able to sense your excitement. And of course, if you can, add in any hint of drama if there was some along the way!

5. Write an email that’s genuinely interesting

Winning #SBS is a great reason to email your list and share the exciting news. Anyone who’s already bought your products or services before feels smug that they were in on the secret the whole time, and for those still pondering whether to spend or not, it gives them a gentle shove as they realise that they’re totally missing out on your award-winning brand. Either way, it’s a good motivator for them to think about buying from you again.

6. Do something special for others to celebrate

This ties in directly with the all of the tips before this.

Turn a win for you into a win for your customers with a special discount, promotion or competition as you share your good news.

This allows your followers to benefit from your good fortune and let’s face it, everyone wants the chance to buy or win an award-winning product or service!

7. Get your geek on

The #SBS crew will send through your #SBS winners badge and you can create your profile one the SBS website, this is my SBS winners profile. You can then add the badge and/or profile link to lots of places including your:

  • Website
  • Social media pages
  • Linkedin profile
  • Email signature
  • Compliment slips/leaflets
  • Exhibition signage

Happily, it never runs out so once it’s up there, you can keep it forever!

8. Tell me something I don’t know…

No one listens when you say how great your brand is.

Luckily, people ALWAYS love to hear what celebrities like Theo think!

Brands of all sizes are always looking out for social proof like this, and as it’s an award that lasts forever, it’s a constant reminder that a big cheese like Theo Paphitis thinks that your business rocks! This can now become an ongoing part of your brand’s identity if you want it to be.

9. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Local press outlets are always looking for fresh news content so a short press release could be a goer. Try and add other interesting angles to it such as:

  • How your product is [location] born and bred
  • How it ties in with an upcoming local event
  • Emphasising how hiring local people contributed to its success
  • Any local roots or history that influenced the creation of your products
  • That your success started from selling at your local market

Google the local papers in your area and most give either an editor’s email address or, have a form on their website that you fill in with details and images. It’s always worth giving it a go and if you do get featured, that’s even more PR to share with your tribe.

More food for thought…

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