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[Big Cheese Expertise Guest Post] Hi, I’m Guy Routledge, co-founder of Sapling Digital. We work with food and drink start-ups looking to make an impact on the market, so I’m busting 5 common marketing myths that will make your PR, sales and online marketing a lot less scary to do.

[Smoothie Success] Would you like PR for your fabulous food business that involves an all expenses paid trip to London, glam makeover, photoshoot, write up about your biz AND get paid for the experience?! Find out how my Smoothie Wajeeha Husain nabbed this amazing bit of responsive PR…
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Forward features list

If you want to get your fabulous food business into trade and consumer magazines, then here’s a PR secret to help you plan ahead – go and grab their forward features list!

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bread & butter fest

There’s an exciting new kid on the block this year in the shape of Bread & Butter Fest – the first ever festival for food founders. So was it worth investing your hard-earned cash to visit this two-day conference and boot camp for start-up and small business foodies? Give me five minutes and I’ll share everything! Read more


Let’s start right at the beginning because PR is one of those things like ‘social’, ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ where you kind of know what it is and does, but you wouldn’t choose it as your specialist subject on Mastermind! So, just in case John Humphreys does try to pin you down in the future, wrap your head around the basics and dazzle him with your PR know-how… Read more

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