Who’s that girl?

Is it your dream to…

* Have loads of customers buying your food and drink goodies?
* Hear people telling their friends and sharing online how brilliant your business is?
* Speak to new stockists who already know and love your brand?

As you’re here reading this now, it tells me that you’re already working hard to make this happen and that you have a feeling PR is a missing piece of the puzzle.

But maybe you…

* Don’t have a clue about where to start with PR?
* Are juggling so many things that you’ve got no time for PR?
* Think PR is too expensive for a start-up or small business?

It’s never too early or too late to start sharing your foodie passion with the world… and I’ll help you do it one easy step at a time, on a budget that suits you.

Liz Wilson from Ma Baker

How can I help?

If you’re a start-up foodie with a small budget then I’d love to help you get started with your PR.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working in companies of all sizes, writing online marketing copy and social media posts while working alongside PR teams and fancy agencies. I saw the mega bucks big businesses casually threw at PR and marketing ‘gurus’ and there’s no way start-ups can afford to get that kind of help.

So, I made a plan.

I worked in this bubble for long enough to soak up all the best PR and marketing activities going on around me, and then started a small business of my own. This way, I can be the PR superhero your fabulous food business needs, at a price you can afford.

If your foodie start-up needs help from someone with knowledge, passion and enthusiasm when it comes to PR, then it sounds like we’ll be a great fit.

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Ways I can help you for free:

  1. Read my blog: I’ve written loads of helpful posts about PR on there, and lots of my expert friends have also shared advice and freebies to help every area of your business grow
  2. Follow me on Twitter: it’s my favourite place to hang out online and I’m always sharing a mix of interesting food and PR tweets

Want to hang out with me?

  1. Join us in The Smoothie Bar: If you have an itty-bitty budget and want to do your own PR in 10 mins a day, come and hang out with lots of other fab foodies in my membership club – from £59 per month
  2. Book me for an event or podcast: I’m always looking to talk about quick and easy ways to make your food brand famous, so drop me a line